Why’s the “Whoosh” Fast Train Promo Tough Sell?

fast train jakarta bandung

Economist’s Take about “Whoosh” Fast Train Promo

So, they’re kickin’ off this promo for the “Whoosh” Fast Train, which goes from Jakarta to Bandung, with a ticket price of 300,000 Rupiah. This deal starts on October 18, 2023, and it even includes the Feeder Train. But some folks, like Yusuf Wibisono, who’s an economist and runs this place called Indonesia Development and Islamic Studies (IDEAS), don’t think it’s gonna be a big hit.

Why Not?

Yusuf’s got a point. He says the Jakarta-Bandung commuter crowd isn’t all that big, and it’s already pretty well covered by the current transportation options. Commuters are the folks who travel from one city to work and then head back home every day, usually from places not super close to where they work.

About 150,000 people or so do the Jakarta-Bandung commute every day. Most of ’em roll with their own wheels, especially using the highway. Only about 15-20% are into public transportation, like the Argo Parahyangan Train, shuttle services, or buses.

“The prime passenger potential should the ones used to public transport, like around 20-25,000 people a day,” according to Yusuf.

On average, public transport like trains, shuttles, and buses to Jakarta-Bandung or vice versa usually costs around 100,000 to 200,000 Rupiah. So, Yusuf’s thinking it’s gonna be tough to get folks to hop on the fast train with a 300,000 Rupiah ticket. Fast train tickets probably make sense for those who usually spend money on gas, tolls, and car maintenance.

What’s the Catch?

Yusuf’s got another point – the comfort factor. Most likely, that’s gonna make people think twice about switching to the fast train. With their own ride, they can go from point A to point B with a flexible schedule, something they won’t get with the fast train, says Yusuf.

“Whoosh” Fast Train Promo and Normal Rates

Here’s the deal – PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (PT KCIC) is throwing out these 300,000 Rupiah promo tickets for all trips starting Wednesday, October 18, 2023. It’s for the Halim-Padalarang round trip and Halim-Tegalluar round trip routes, known as the “Whoosh.”

Eva Chairunisa, the General Manager Corporate Secretary at PT KCIC, says they’re doing this promo to introduce the “Whoosh” Fast Train to the public. They want people to get hyped and use “Whoosh” for their transportation needs. The regular ticket prices are kinda hush-hush though.

Hush-Hush on Regular Rates

So, here’s the twist – a screenshot’s been going around on WhatsApp, showing the regular prices for “Whoosh” Fast Train tickets. It looks like an order screen for “Whoosh” Fast Train tickets, offering three classes: first class at 600,000 Rupiah, business class at 450,000 Rupiah, and premium economy class at 300,000 Rupiah, for a departure on October 17. The departure time’s set at 3:35 PM local time, and the arrival’s at 4:21 PM local time.

When they asked Eva about the truth behind these regular ticket rates, she didn’t spill the beans. Emir Monti, the Corporate Communication Manager at KCIC, also didn’t comment on the regular fast train prices. But Emir mention that the promo ticket rates gonna evaluated regularly.