Aurora Cool Upgrades: Unpacking the Revamped Skills, Dual Life, and Frozen Turrets

Aurora Cool Upgrades: Unpacking the Revamped Skills, Dual Life, and Frozen Turrets

We’re about to explore the fantastic world of Aurora revamped skills. In the latest patch, 1.8.56, Mobile Legends gave Aurora a major glow-up, and we’re here to spill the frosty beans on it.

You see, Aurora, the classic mage who took a little break from the limelight, is now making a comeback with this revamp. It’s like she got a whole new set of magical tricks up her icy sleeves, and it might just catapult her to the summit of the META pyramid. Exciting, right?

Now, let’s not keep you waiting any longer. Let’s dive into the snowy wonderland of Aurora’s revamped skills and break down what makes her so cool.

Revamped Aurora Skills

Passive – Pride of Ice

Aurora introduces us to her Pride of Ice, a skill that lets her freeze herself for 1.3 seconds when her HP takes a dip. But here’s the cool part – when this skill is active, Aurora becomes invincible. Yup, you heard it right. Invincible! That means no one can lay a finger on her while she gracefully regains 30% of her Max HP. Impressive, huh? Just to keep things balanced, this chilly power-up comes with a cooldown of 150 seconds. Oh, and did I mention that the freezing effect from all of Aurora’s skills can now give Turrets the shivers?

Skill 1 – Frost Shock

Moving on to her first skill, Frost Shock. Aurora whips up a frosty storm by summoning five ice rocks one after another. These icy missiles bombard the target area, causing some serious Magic Damage. And that’s not all – they also make the target’s movement slow down. Imagine being caught in that frosty flurry; it’s like a chilly dance party you didn’t sign up for!

Skill 2 – Bitter Frost

Next up is her second skill, Bitter Frost. Aurora takes things up a notch by blowing a frigid wind towards her target. This gust deals a good dose of Magic Damage to the unfortunate souls in its path. But wait, there’s more! At the end of the attack, a mesmerizing ice storm is born. This storm continuously dishes out Magic Damage, and anyone caught in its wintry embrace gets a one-way ticket to Freezetown. Brrr, it’s getting frosty in here!

Ultimate – Cold Destruction

Now, brace yourself for Aurora’s ultimate move – Cold Destruction. She summons a Frost Blast towards her target, unleashing Magic Damage to all enemies it encounters. Not only that, but it also leaves the target with reduced movement speed. And guess what? The Frost Blast evolves into a majestic glacier, growing until it reaches its maximum size and shattering into a spectacular display of Magic Damage. It doesn’t stop there – enemies caught in this icy explosion get frozen. Oh, and here’s the cool math part: Aurora’s freezing time gets a boost by 0.1 seconds for every 100 Magic Power she collects. Talk about power-packed ice magic!

Aurora’s Revamped Role: How Potent Is She?

Now that we’ve dissected her icy arsenal, let’s talk about how Aurora fits into the grand scheme of things after her revamp.

The revamp has unlocked new potential for Aurora, making her a more versatile and SLOT GACOR TERBARU potent mage than before.

She’s not just a backliner now; she can take on the role of a Roamer in a team that focuses on controlling the enemy’s movements. This Roamer strategy is akin to what we’ve seen with Valir in action. Imagine Aurora gracefully gliding across the battlefield, restricting foes and creating opportunities for her team to shine.

What’s more, her Passive Skill – Pride of Ice – adds a layer of survivability that’s invaluable in intense battles. Picture this: Aurora goes down, but wait, she’s back up with 30% of her HP, ready to continue the frosty onslaught. This is precisely what makes her a fantastic Roamer – the ability to bounce back and keep the momentum rolling.

In simpler terms, the more HP Aurora has, the more she recovers when her Pride of Ice kicks in. It’s a win-win situation for her and her team.

So, Mobile Legends enthusiasts, get ready to witness the resurgence of Aurora. With her revamped skills, she’s not just a mage; she’s an icy powerhouse ready to dominate the META. The battlefield is about to get a whole lot cooler!